Gumbo hiring

We're looking for a great team for the 2016-2017 LSU Gumbo yearbook! If you are interested at all in design or just have a passion for LSU, please apply by August 1. You do not need any pre-existing qualifications.

Find our application here.

Available positions include

1. Page Designer

Main duties: Creating yearbook spreads, responsible for preliminary copy editing and first round of objective evaluation of page layouts

2. Art Director

Main duties: Overseeing the page designers and report to the Co-Editors in Chief, responsible for developing and maintaining a consistent design scheme throughout the yearbook, helping to design advanced graphics and spreads, input on the main theme of the yearbook, helping Co-editors with editing if necessary

3. Marketing Director

Main duties: Managing all social media accounts, organizing time schedules for events where we sell yearbooks, organizing Gumbo tent/table and materials needed for events, working with the marketing department on organizing sponsors

Don't let the word "Director" scare you! If you are interested at all in any of these positions, PLEASE apply! Its a great experience and looks even better on a resume!


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