Students on Target’s annual event Groovin’ on the Grounds is always an exciting part of the school year and a great opportunity to bring students together while listening to some renowned bands. Though the event was moved to the River Center due to bad weather, the concert still had the LSU feeling that many were looking for with students coming out in droves to see Deacon Jones, Pepper and Weezer.

Deacon Jones and Pepper were both enjoyable to listen to while the crowd poured in. Pepper was particularly notable for its incredibly high energy level. The band’s bassist, Bret Bollinger, ran all over the stage, raising the level of hype in the auditorium dramatically.

But, when Weezer finally marched onto the stage, it became very apparent that the band was the reason that everyone had shown up.

There is a very specific feeling that Weezer seems to embody more than any other band. Its that feeling of being young and making bad decisions, sneaking out of the house and doing something bad for the first time. Weezer feels like being in high school all over again, and the audience seemed very receptive to this feeling.

While most bands of Weezer’s popularity level have one or two songs popular enough for everyone to know them, it is always surprising to be reminded of just how many hits the band has had over its long tenure as the go to teen angst indie band. Almost all of those hits made appearances, but the crowd seemed most excited to hear “Say it Ain't So,” “Beverly Hills” and “Pork and Beans.”

Particularly interesting was when Cuomo announced that the band had spent a lot of time in the studio recently, and that we would be hearing one if the band's newest songs, called “Back to the Shack.” The song sounded great, and the idea of Weezer working on a new album of songs brought the energy in the room to a new level.

Weezer finished out the night with “Buddy Holly,” which was the perfect end to the set. Ultimately, even though it lacked the gounds, Groovin’ on the Grounds was a great event with Weezer setting a high point for the event that may be difficult to reach again next year.