LSU has welcomed five new dining options in the Student Union, costing several hundred thousand dollars. The additions are: Build Pizza, Create, Red Stick Eats, The Big Squeezy and City Gelato. These new restaurants replaced Papa Johns, Bayou Bistro, French Quarter and Chick-n-Grill. 

Margot Carroll, Assistant Vice President of Auxiliary Services at LSU, discussed the new additions and how a decision was made. “I worked with our partner LSU dining and we looked at surveys, student dining surveys, and also looked at what was going on in the market place and tried to respond to what students wanted to see and the dining options,” Carroll said.

Over the summer conversation about LSU’s dining went viral when students were under the impression that Popeyes was going to be one of the new dining options, but Carroll said that is was never an option. “There was never going to be a Popeyes… I have no idea where that came from,” Carroll said. 

As for what else is coming to the Student Union, Carroll said that a prayer mediation room and a lactation room are underworks. 

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