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Mississippi State fans don't necessarily have a hankering for potassium, but they sure love bananas.

The Bulldogs and their fans brought their passion for the produce to the College World Series.

You could spot bananas all over TD Ameritrade Park during MSU's Saturday game.

Bulldog fans hoisted bananas — real and inflated. Some fans wore banana costumes.

Andrew Piper, a member of the MSU baseball staff, said the banana trend started June 3 during a doubleheader in the regional round of the NCAA tournament.

Player Jordan Westburg gobbled a banana in the dugout as a snack. But then he got another banana and started to have a little fun, holding to his ear like a phone and pretending it was a radar gun.

ESPN cameras captured the moment and soon the banana antics were lighting up social media. 

"Our fans really ran with it,'' Piper said.

So did players. In games leading up to the CWS, players wore bananas in their belts like pistols, used them as mustaches and have cared for the fruit by applying sunscreen and bug spray as needed.

The school's marketing department jumped in, ordering more than 1,000 stress-ball like bananas with the MSU logo for fans at the CWS. 

It's common for teams at the CWS to adopt some kind of stuffed animal, action figure or dugout antics to bring positive mojo and keep players loose.

Here are a few others from recent years:

2016, Coastal Carolina: A monkey named Rafiki photobombed mid-game interviews, had his own T-shirt and went everywhere with the team.

2015, Arkansas: Several bats were taped together and an empty bucket of bubble gum was placed on top to make a rally campfire. Players threw empty cups and other trash on the "fire" to help it grow.

2012, South Carolina: The team brought a pet betta fish named Reptar to the CWS. Shirts were made and tribute raps were recorded and posted on YouTube.

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