1.14.19 LSU Campus at Night

The Tigerland sign sits on Bob Pettit Boulevard, on Monday, Jan. 14, 2019.

When people think of LSU, they may think of the amazing athletics, the innovative academic programs or even the famous Mike the Tiger. People may also think of Tigerland. Whether they like it or not, Tigerland is and has been an important part of the culture here at LSU.

Most weekends and even some weeknights, students can be found having a good time at one of the six bars that make up Tigerland. Theme nights like T-Shirt night at Reggie’s and Thirsty Thursday have further increased the traffic at this popular party spot. The nights the bars offer free cover and drink specials draw even more of a crowd.

Besides the bars, one of the most well-known parts of Tigerland is the infamous Tigerland sign. It was almost like a right of passage for students to take pictures with their friends hanging in front of the sign and post them on social media. Sadly, at the end of 2018 the old sign was torn down and replaced with a new one.

1.28.19 old tigerland sign

This development has been a long time coming. Marc Fraioli, the owner of Fred’s, came up with the design for the new sign ten years ago. However, it wasn’t until recently that all of the bars were able to secure the funding that was needed.

The design of the new sign was intended to be sturdy and last as long as possible. The old sign had been up for over 40 years. A lot can happen during that time.

“All of the bars put money in and all thought it was a good idea and fresh new look,” said Fred’s general manager Jason Nays. “LSU is such a destination for out-of-towners and the new sign would step it up.”

Tigerland has been attracting more than just LSU students and people who live in the Baton Rouge area. During football season especially, people from all over the country come to check out the area. The owners of the bars are doing their best to keep the crowds safe, upgrade the bars, and improving with every passing year.

1.28.19 tigerland sign

Students have varying opinions about the new sign However, a majority of them feel that the new sign doesn’t really match the rest of Tigerland.

“It’s a classy upgrade, but it’s not really the same.” said animal science freshman Lainey Stewart.

Sports Administration junior Samantha Larsen also feels that the sign isn’t really the same, but there is an upside to the new sign.

“It doesn’t match the decor because Tigerland is pretty ratchet, and the new sign isn’t ratchet," Larsen said. "It’s too formal, but now people can’t hang off of it like they hung off the old one.”

1.28.19 new tigerland sign

If any students feel especially sentimental and miss the sign dearly, they can always go visit it at Fred’s where it is hanging in the outdoor section of the bar.

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