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Rockin’ Lemonade is bringing refreshing positivity to Baton Rouge and New Orleans through its rock ‘n’ roll-style lemonade.

Courtney Celestine was inspired to start Rockin’ Lemonade in 2016 after becoming tired of working multiple unfulfilling jobs to make ends meet. One night she suddenly woke up and felt something calling her to make lemonade, she said. As she was making lemonade in her kitchen at 5 a.m., she was inspired to start her own business.

“I wanted to find my purpose in life, and I wanted to walk in my purpose,” Celestine said. “I enjoyed it — it was a breath of fresh air.”

Celestine decided to pursue a lemony-fresh calling and bought a cabin to create a lemonade stand. The stand soon proved to be an obstacle for Celestine. After not being able to find a place to set up the stand, she felt another inspiration telling her to order bottles to sell her lemonade in.

After ordering 100 bottles, Celestine told herself that if she didn’t sell all of them, she would stop making lemonade. After those first 100 bottles of Rockin’ Lemonade sold out in less than a week, she knew she was onto something.

“Don’t be afraid to take the leap for something you feel passionate about because it’ll work out,” Celestine said. “You just have to trust that it’ll work out.”

rockin lemonade

The business accelerated faster than Celestine expected. Stores were ready to stock the shelves with her lemonade. In just a couple months, Celestine had to learn how to put nutritional facts on her bottles, label and barcode them, and create a logo for her business. In less than five months, Celestine went from waiting tables to owning her own small business.

Celestine learned lemons are supposed to eliminate negative energy from a person’s life. She started to begin to understand her strange and sudden desires to make and sell lemonade. She found a passion in seeing the smiles on the faces of people who love her lemonade.

“When people drink lemonade, they’re instantly happy just because lemons promote positivity,” Celestine said.

Rockin’ Lemonade is made from all fresh ingredients.

Celestine gets most of her produce from fruit stands and even grows some of her own lemons in her backyard. She said she likes to create lemonade flavors that are not typically made or sold in stores. Rockin’ Lemonade currently has four flavors, including Mango, Pina Colada, Green Apple and Mixed Berry.

“I just want to make sure that I could do an amazing product that everyone loves at all ages, and it actually tastes great and it makes you feel happier,” Celestine said. “I just want people to not be afraid to take the leap. If I was afraid, Rockin’ Lemonade would not exist.”

Rockin’ Lemonade is available in Baton Rouge at Calvin’s Bocage Market and Erics Grocery and in New Orleans at Hyatt Hotels.

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