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Stars: 3.5/5

“The Fix” is the latest unscripted series to premiere on Netflix this year following the success of shows like “Queer Eye” and “Nailed It!"

Jimmy Carr is the host of “The Fix," the show that vows to solve the problems of the world in 30 minutes or less. Carr is joined by D.L. Hughley and Katherine Ryan who team up with guest comedians to come up with solutions to the problems of the world. After the solutions are presented to the studio audience, the audience votes on which one they prefer. 

So far the show has come up with solutions to problems such as gentrification, social media and the aging population. The solutions the comedians come up with are so far-fetched and out of the box, but very funny. To solve the problem of the aging population, one solution created was to close down Florida. Now that is a very unrealistic solution, but just maybe it could actually work.

The comedians and the guest stars are the beating heart of the show. The banter between them and Carr is what makes the show so funny and interesting to watch. Hughley and Ryan are great permanent team captains and continually bring their A-game to every episode. They also don’t allow themselves to be outshined by the guest stars, which can be an issue in shows like this.

Nicole Byer and Nikki Glaser have both been repeat guest starts on the show and have led to some of the more memorable episodes. Byer is no stranger to Netflix originals, as she is the host of the baking competition “Nailed It!” Glaser was at her best in the episode about social media when she demonstrates how much she overshares by oversharing way too much about her life to the audience.

Carr is a good leader of the show and is able to round out the large personalities of the other comedians. He keeps the show on track and prevents the comedians from going too off-topic, even though it is really funny when they do. The only issue is that he sometimes tries too hard to be funny and has a very obnoxious laugh that sounds very British.

Another interesting part of the show is the resident data expert. Before the comedians present their ideas to the audience, Mona Chalabi gives them surprising and interesting statistics about the topic at hand. The information Chalabi gives has a more serious tone than the rest of the show, but the comedians manage to give it a light-hearted spin.

Overall, “The Fix” is one of the funniest shows that Netflix has created in a very long time. The show starts a discussion about real-world issues but presents them in a way that makes people actually enjoy watching.

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