Sia- Everyday is Christmas
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STARS: 4/5

Sia's first Christmas album, “Everyday Is Christmas,” is full of joyful lyrics and pop-infused beats. The 10-track record introduces original songs fit for sitting around the fire with family or entertaining guests at a holiday party. 

The Australian songstress uses her famed vocal range throughout the album. Thankfully, she does not do covers of common Christmas songs like other artists tend to do on a holiday album. Instead, she showcases her songwriting and vocal talents in the most Sia way possible — with flair and out-of-the-box thinking.

The album opens up with “Santa’s Coming for Us,” which sounds like it could easily be on the soundtrack for a holiday film.

Second is “Candy Cane Lane,” a song that sounds Christmas to its core with jingle bells in the background and lyrics that make the audience want to take a stroll through the neighborhood to see Christmas lights lining the houses.

The third track is the first slower-paced song on the album. It is the mature, older sibling of “Frosty the Snowman.” Along the same lines, “Snowflake” is a light tune, but perhaps the weakest track on the record. Though her voice is filled with longing, it’s not a particularly good track overall.

“Ho Ho Ho” picks up the pace again with playful lyrics. It is a fun, catchy tune begging to be played throughout department stores across the country.

The sixth track “Puppies Are Forever” is tied with “Snowflake” for weakest on the album. It is not particularly memorable — Sia sings about how puppies are great year-round.

“Sunshine” is another playful track asking to be played in a mall or department store. Sia’s vocal range is shown most in this track as she speaks through the lyrics quickly in one verse before she  belts it out like only Sia can do throughout the chorus.

Bringing up the rear, “Under the Mistletoe” is a cute, loving song about being with the one you love on Christmas. While it could be better with a slower pace, it still works as a song. Next, the titular track speaks to a Christmas love like “Under the Mistletoe,” but has the slow pace the previous track begged for and could easily become a new Christmas favorite for years to come.

Slow closing track “Underneath the Christmas Lights, showcases Sia’s vocal talent and wraps up the album. The accompanying piano is a nice touch and the song is just asking to be played at a candlelight ceremony or in front of the fire after a long Christmas Day celebration. 

“Everyday Is Christmas” is the holiday album the world needs. It’s fun, inviting and original, which is a nice departure from the old and worn-out songs that usually play this time of year. Though Christmas music can often sound boring and dated, Sia turned the cliche upside down and put her own magic touch on it.

Listen to “Everyday Is Christmas” below. 

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