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Stars: 3/5

No one asked for a “Jersey Shore” remake, but MTV gave us one anyway. “Floribama Shore” brings cameras to the South to showcase some of the more intense moments that come with a partying lifestyle. 

“Floribama Shore” is centered around eight young adults who are all put into a beach house located on the shores of Panama City Beach. Four men and four women all in one house is bound to present some issues — and boy does it ever. There’s no limit to the drama that occurs in the house especially if alcohol is in any way involved — which it always is.

The show is a good attempt at the effect that “Jersey Shore” had on the world, but is that really what the world needs? The original show lasted for three years and six seasons, and in one year, “Floribama Shore” has reached its second season of pure chaos. While it’s keeping up with the pace of the Jersey edition, it’s not providing any content really worth while.

“Floribama Shore” is the perfect resurrection of the very specific genre of television that was created when “Jersey Shore” was released in late 2009. While shows like this have undoubtedly prospered since then, this version hardly provides any of the content that keeps the audience interested. There are hookups in the house, friendship fights and even pregnancy scares, but it all seems so unoriginal.

As the second season comes to a close, there are obvious attempts at getting the audience to really connect with the characters because that’s really what they lacked in the first season. Their problems are a little more relatable, and since their ages all range from 21 to 25, they react in ways that their intended audience would react and they do it in an extremely quotable fashion.

There are definitely enjoyable parts of the show. The ups and the downs are never easy to predict. You never really know what they’re going to do or what drama the boys will cook up for the girls in the house. Every minor issue gets blown out of proportion because everyone is in close proximity and usually drunk.

The second season of “Floribama Shore” ends just as “Jersey Shore: Family Reunion Part 2” is gaining momentum. Having both of these shows out at the same time really puts them head to head to see which version of the shore their new and returning audiences enjoy more. Kirk, Candace, Kortni, Aimee, Jeremiah, Codi, Nilsa and Gus have all carried “Floribama Shore” to high ratings for MTV, but nothing will ever compare to the originals. Snooki, JWoww, Ronnie, Pauly-D, Vinny, The Situation, Deena and Sammi created what “Floribama Shore” is attempting to emulate. They will always be the ones who did it first.

The success of the original show is virtually unmatched by that of its southern remake. Maybe we’ve gotten over watching other people act crazy and at times, like their worst selves, all for the sake of “good TV.” Then again, who are we kidding? Trash TV will always have a special place in the hearts of people all across the world.

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