4.22.18 Petite Princess Photo Shoot

Princesses pose for their photo shoot, near Highland Road, on Sunday, April 22, 2018.

Petite Princess Company brings a magical kingdom to your doorstep.

Petite Princess Company provides princesses and mermaids to people in the Baton Rouge area for parties and other events. Petite Princess is run by Venessa Lewis and allows people from all over the state to “rent” a princess. The Baton Rouge Petite Princess Company is one of the few of its kind in the state, and Lewis said she is looking to expand from the one location in Baton Rouge.

The company, originally named “Rent A Princess,” opened in 2014 before Lewis bought it from a former student of the University in December 2015 while she was working as an adjunct professor at the Manship School of Mass Communication. Within two weeks of the student asking Lewis if she wanted to buy it, Lewis said she had gone to the bank and purchased the company. What started as a few students in princess dresses has turned into the well-known Louisiana business that Petite Princess Company is today.

The attraction for the business came from the love Lewis and her child already had for the Disney characters. Lewis said she wanted to dedicate her time to her new company, and to focus on her new princess business, Lewis retired from being an adjunct professor.

“I have owned it for about two and a half years, but it’s been in existence for about five years,” Lewis said. “When I purchased the company, I did rename it and rebrand it. When it was founded, it was named Rent A Princess. When I bought it, I named it Petite Princess Company. We have upgraded so much since then. We’ve gone from 15 princesses to 20 princesses and two mermaids.”

Petite Princess Company has gone from a college student’s small side business to a company that provides services to people all across the state of Louisiana. The company also holds special events like father-daughter balls and Mother’s Day teas in both the fall and spring time. At these events, princesses are featured for the children to meet and interact with.

“We are looking toward adding some princes,” Lewis said. “ We are thinking about Prince Charming, Flynn Rider, the Mad Hatter and possibly Peter Pan in the near future.”

Princess Photo Shoot

Princesses pose for their photo shoot, near Highland Road, on Sunday, April 22, 2018.

Each of the characters have gone through special training to perfect the image of that particular character. The characters sing songs from their movie or show, and they know the background of each of the characters and where they came from.

Petite Princess is not currently hiring, but when they do go through the hiring process, Lewis said applicants must fit multiple specific criteria to get hired. Applicants can’t have tattoos or piercings in odd places, and they go through an extensive background check. Lewis said she heard a lot about the trials of becoming an actual Disney cast member and believes that Petite Princess Company has the same, if not higher, standards.

“We are very particular about the people we hire because our audience is children and young families, so we want to make sure they always feel safe and comfortable and enjoy a magical experience,” Lewis said. “All of our cast members are either currently LSU students, former LSU or Southern students, so yes, we hire specifically from the college crowd.”

Petite Princess Company has acquired a reputation for great service and committed character acting. Cast members not only entertain, but they also educate. The company invites libraries and classes to reach out to them to cast members read to the children, play games and even talk about the heritage of that particular character.

4.22.18 Petite Princess Photo Shoot

A character poses for a photo shoot, near Highland Road, on Sunday, April 22, 2018.

There are few companies that provide this service in the state, allowing them to prosper and spread their magic across the state of Louisiana.

“I think we do princesses, and we do princesses very well,” Lewis said “You know, we are the best in the state as far as our reach and amount of characters and the amount of bookings we have. I feel like what we offer here is a much more intimate and personal experience. It really is a magical experience.”

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