Pop star Ariana Grande and comedian Pete Davidson called off their engagement in October. The two were together for a total of five months and were engaged for four of those months. This relationship was destined to end sooner rather than later.

In May 2017, there was a bombing at one of Grande’s concerts at the Manchester Arena in England. In May 2018, Grande ended her relationship with rapper Mac Miller. Miller had struggled with addiction before, during and after his relationship with Grande. In September 2018, Miller died from a drug overdose. The past year and a half has been eventful for Grande, to say the least. The last thing she needed to do was hop into a serious relationship and get married.

I personally wanted Grande and Davidson to last. Their love story was unlike any other and gave me hope that true love is real. They met, fell in love and were engaged a month later — that’s the type of relationship we all want. Their break-up was a reminder that true love is fake, just as I suspected.

Grande needs time to herself to deal with the trauma that she has been through. Her ex-boyfriend just died — she doesn’t need to get married. I am glad she isn’t using Davidson as a crutch to get through these tough times. She recognized this was a portion of her life she needed to go through without a significant other.

A significant other can be someone who holds you back or someone who helps you become a better you. Davidson was holding her back and Grande deserves better. Grande deserves someone who won’t make jokes about switching her birth control with Tic Tacs or talk about thinking about his dead father while they have sex.

“I was just thinking of my dad being burned alive. That’s what I do. I just think of my dad seeing that fire coming right towards me,” Davidson said in an interview with radio host Howard Stern.

These are very intimate topics that he’s sharing with the world. I know he’s a comedian and these things were meant to be jokes, but as her fiancé, he should’ve kept those details to himself.

Grande needs to learn to be single. She’s been in and out of relationships with no time in between. She went straight from rapper Big Sean to Mac Miller and then to Pete Davidson. Being in a relationship may make people feel whole, but it’s just filling a void they need to fill within themselves. Now that Grande is finally alone, she’ll be able to cope with the death of her ex-boyfriend and the Manchester bombing correctly.

People shouldn’t always be in a relationship, and shouldn’t feel inclined to be dating someone all the time to feel worthy. A relationship shouldn’t be something you need, it should be something you want. Grande should focus on her mental health and her music, and take some time for herself. Significant others aren’t there to fix you, you have to fix yourself before you love another person.

Ashlon Lusk is a 19-year-old mass communication sophomore from Houston, Texas.

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