NEW ORLEANS — Luxley has grown recently and can add performing at Voodoo Music and Arts Experience on Saturday to the list.

Luxley, otherwise known as Ryan Gray, started the project about two years ago while in medical school. While he enjoyed his time in the classroom, he said he felt music pulling him in that direction.

“I was in med school for two years and I loved it, but I love this a lot more,” Gray said.

He said the band started as a singer-songwriter project with a more post-rock sound and has now morphed into a synth-pop and dance sound.

The sound shift happened when Gray started feeling like he wasn’t putting enough time toward this musical side. To combat this feeling, Gray started writing music with more bounce and groove and a “texture that was more synth related.”

“I like making people smile,” Gray said. ”Dancing is fun, and it brings a lot of energy to your show.”

For Gray, the live performance is important and “has to feel real.”

Gray credits growing up in the live music-heavy city of New Orleans with this need for the instrumentation of his music to sound real. He also uses “blues-sounding guitar parts” and horns in parts of his songs — another New Orleans influence.

Gray said Luxley had a great time performing its 11:45 a.m. set. He said while the early time was a slight challenge to work with, he enjoyed watching the people pour in throughout the set. By the end of the show, when its set list hit its peak, everyone was there to enjoy.

Leading up to Voodoo, Luxley toured with Britain-based Bombay Bicycle Club and Milo Greene.

“We toured with them for four weeks in some amazing venues that blew my mind,” Gray said.

He said the tour was a big step for Luxley, and it gave the band the opportunity to gain more fans by working closely with Bombay Bicycle Club.

“They were a great band to learn from and be educated by and just become friends with,” Gray said.

He said he recently recorded an EP in New York City that will be released in early spring. The EP was recorded individually with former Passion Pit member Ayad Al Adhamy and Justin Gerrish, who worked with Vampire Weekend. Along with the EP, Luxley rereleased its song “Spirit” about a week and a half ago. A record is also in the works and will be on shelves late next year.

As for Gray, he said right now he’s focusing on the music, and it’s up in the air whether he’ll head back to medical school.

“Follow your bliss, and do what makes you happy,” he said.

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