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Luckett Farms offers corn mazes, hayrides and a pumpkin patch as part of its main attractions. 

The corn mazes and pumpkin patch at Luckett Farms provides the perfect way to get into the spooky fall spirit.

The creation of Luckett Farms began with a long-term lease with Louisiana that granted 100 acres of Rosedown plantation for the construction of a corn maze and pumpkin patch. This is mutually beneficial for both the state and Luckett Farms, as Luckett is able to use the land and the state gets a percentage of the sales, which will go back to Rosedown.

Luckett Farms is located at 12501 LA-10 in St. Francisville, Louisiana, and is open through reservations on weekdays and 9-5 on weekends. Admission is $12 per person and free for children 2 years old and under, and it will remain open through Thanksgiving.

Luckett Farms manages to balance education and fun in a way that is entertaining to people of all ages.

“The reason that I wanted to start the corn maze was because I didn’t grow up on a farm,” said Kacie Luckett, owner of Luckett Farms. “And so, I wanted to show other people how things grow and make it fun and kind of interactive.”

Luckett Farms has a pumpkin patch where people can go and pick out their own pumpkins. The pumpkin patch features pumpkins of all ages allowing people to see the stages as the pumpkins mature.

luckett farms

Luckett Farms offers family-friendly activities for people of all ages.  

“I think it’s important for people, kids and families to come out and see agriculture in that way,” Luckett said.

Apart from the pumpkin patch, Luckett Farms’ main attraction is its corn mazes. There is a smaller maze for younger children in addition to the larger adult’s maze that covers 12 acres and takes 30-45 minutes to complete.

Inside the maze are three games to play: Kernel B. Cobb’s Word Game, Cornelius Quest’s Picture Find and Poppie’s Secret Word Jumble. Each game requires participants to think outside the box — or, in this case, outside the maze.

Cornelius Quest’s Picture Find involves locating pictures of vegetables within the maze and taking etchings of them to learn a fact about each. Kernel B. Cobb’s Word Game involves traveling to different stations throughout the maze to retrieve different words, some of which have certain letters circled.

After locating all of the words, the letters circled will spell out the secret word for Poppie’s Secret Word Jumble.

The Luckett Farms corn maze uses specific shapes to decorate its hedges. Cut into the maze are pictures of animals, fruits and vegetables in addition to the words “Luckett Farms” and the 2018 theme “Buy Fresh Buy Local.”

The meticulous process of cutting shapes into the maze started with planting the corn to form a grid. Using the grid, they were able to design the precise shapes needed for cutouts.

“We designed the maze on a computer system and then sent it to a GPS system,” Luckett said. “And we used the GPS system and a zero-turn lawnmower to go in and cut out the corn maze.”

luckett farms

Luckett Farms is located at 12501 LA-10 in St. Francisville, Louisiana. 

Ultimately, Luckett Farms aims to show people a good time while learning about agriculture.

“We like for people to have fun while learning,” Luckett said. “We have different games, and we have the hayride, and they can ride around the corn patch. We try to make it as educational as possible, but then also a fun experience.”

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