Forgetting to print a research paper is an example of one issue LSU Student Government hopes to alleviate with its free printing service soon being offered to students in the SG office in the Student Union, according to SG president Stewart Lockett.

SG plans to launch the free printing initiative in about one to two weeks, according to SG executive press secretary CJ Carver. Carver said SG executives began discussing the free printing initiative about three weeks ago as an effort to not only help the students but also encourage them to activelybe around SG.

Students can print up to 10 pages in black and white per day, Lockett said. SG will set up a printing kiosk at the front of their office where students can swipe their Tiger Cards to use the printers. A student worker will also be at the front deskif students need assistance.

SG vice president Rachel Campbell also agreed that the free printing initiative is part of an effort to engage students in SG, similar to providing testing materials like blue books and scantrons. Campbell said they also set out a feedbackbox for students to leave comments or suggestions.

Speaker of the student senate Christina Black said since the start of Lockett and Campbell’s term, she’s seen the two extend a significant effort to talk with students directly.

“We’re really trying to make sure that we’re very accessible and very transparent with what’s going on,” Black said. “We want students to feel like they can come to us.”

Carver said Lockett, Campbell and other SG representatives are always in the SG office, so students utilizing the free printing will be able to ask questions and interact with them.

“I think it’s a great way for students to really feel like Student Government is more than just people that send out press releases and plan these events,” Carver said. “They can put a face to a name.”

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