Haivyn LaSalle
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From astrology horoscopes to unanswered questions all women wonder about, mass communication freshman Haivyn LaSalle’s YouTube channel has it all.

LaSalle owns and runs a YouTube channel  under the name “Ava Haiva.” The channel consists of a range of topics from relatable girl topics to astrology horoscopes.

Haivyn LaSalle

Mass communication freshman Haivyn LaSalle talks about a number of topics on her YouTube channel from relationship issues to astrology and horoscopes. 

With her most popular video ranking in at just over 96,000 views, LaSalle said she receives sponsors to film some of her videos. Haivyn is just like any other freshman, except she loves to voice her opinions on topics many women find too taboo to talk about.

LaSalle grew up in Gonzales, Louisiana and said watching her mom on TV and hearing her on the radio helped her gain the confidence to start her YouTube channel. LaSalle’s mother is a published author, and growing up, LaSalle would watch her mother appear as a guest speaker talking about her various works. Her mother also had a radio show and interviewed on the news. She used to watch her mom practice talking and acting in the mirror while doing her makeup or getting ready and said that it inspired her to do the same.

“My biggest inspiration is my mom,” LaSalle said. “She inspires me to do what I do.” LaSalle said her mom supports her to run the channel and encourages her on her journey of self-acceptance.

LaSalle started her channel on Nov. 13, 2012. After writing stories and acting them out on camera, she realized she loved being on camera and directing.

“It really brought me out of my shell and taught me to become more comfortable in my own skin.”

LaSalle said her main goal for the channel is to help people. She said if one person is helped or inspired by her videos, she feels accomplished. “It’s all about helping other people and not the views.”

Haivyn LaSalle

Her main audience is women 18 to 24, but she said she doesn’t have a preference about the age of her viewers.

“Society doesn’t need to be so sensitive when it comes to that,” LaSalle said. “My videos are for everyone.”

Depending on views and advertisements, LaSalle doesn’t automatically receive compensation for her videos. However, she said she does not prioritize monetary gain in the her artistic process.

“It’s definitely not about the money,” LaSalle said. “That’s not why I do it.”

LaSalle, like other young women, said she struggled with self confidence as she grew up. She said that learning to love herself was difficult and took a lot of patience, but her channel helped her to come out of her shell.

“It took a lot to become the person I am today, and I would love to help everybody love themselves,” LaSalle said.

Companies reach out to LaSalle to promote their products and services, and she said she has even gained friends from her channel. However, she said one of the most beneficial parts of her channel is getting to hear about other women’s struggles with acceptance and confidence.

“As far as any advice I could give to my viewers, I’d have to say just love yourself and stay strong, because I promise it does get better,” LaSalle said.  

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