Living on campus isn’t for everyone. However, for those who choose to live on campus, the University’s new apartment complex, Nicholson Gateway, will open in the fall 2018 semester.

Nicholson Gateway will add more than 1,500 beds, as well as a new parking garage for residents. The complex will also contain an on-site UREC, along with restaurants, a grocery store and retail space with additional parking. These amenities will not be exclusive to Nicholson Gateway residents.

The Nicholson Gateway website puts a strong emphasis on the public-private partnership, in which public entities like LSU partner with private companies like RISE Real Estate and the Lemoine Company, which enabled the creation of Nicholson Gateway.

Construction of the complex began in November 2016 and is currently on track to open the fall 2018 semester, according to Associate Director of Communications & Development for the LSU Department of Residential Life Catherine David.

“I think the construction progress is going great,” David said. “Lemoine and RISE have been wonderful partners with us to complete the project.”

The construction site is massive, and on any given day up to 900 workers may be present. While some parts of the complex look to be in the early stages of development, David said this is due to the tiered approach the construction team is using.

“It’s a tiered approach, building to building,” David said. “As they install one thing, then they can do the next, and then the next. It’s kind of like dominoes. They work from the top-down.”

For example, in Building 200, which will house the on-site UREC, the bottom floor is still heavily under construction, with some areas roped off for risk of falling objects. On the upper floors of the building, however, the apartments look almost completed. They have functioning electricity and seem to only be missing furniture.

Nicholson Gateway boasts some interesting views from its upper floors, depending on the building and direction. Some spots have a clear view of the Horace Wilkinson Bridge, which spans the Mississippi River. Other spots have a clear view of the giant video screen in Tiger Stadium, which will undoubtedly make students happy come football season.

Since the complex is so close to the Mississippi River, David said all of the halls will be given names relating to the Mississippi River. Although the halls are still referred to with numbers, upon completion they will be called Riverbend Hall, Canal Hall, Oxbow Hall, Gulf Hall, Delta Hall, Marsh Hall and Bayou Hall.

“I think it’s looking great,” David said. “It’s going to open on time and we’re excited to welcome students to it.”

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