1.26.18 Cellucci Portraits

Communication across the Curriculum Studio Coordinator Vincent Cellucci sits for a portrait on Friday, Jan. 26, 2018.

Vincent Cellucci, the director of the LSU CxC Art and Design Studio received the 2017 LSU Foundation Staff Outstanding Service Award.

Cellucci has been with the University as a professional for nearly a decade and is in charge of the Communication across the Curriculum program at the Art and Design Studio, specializing in writing in the arts, portfolio development and 3D scanning and fabrication.

The award Cellucci received is given to an employee of the University who is making outstanding contributions to the University community.

“My position lets me interact with all levels of strata in the university, so I work with deans, upper level administration, faculty members and most of all, students,” Cellucci said “I try to make a difference and help each one of those parties everyday.”

Cellucci said that the award’s importance stems from self recognition pride.,

“It’s a great recognition,” Cellucci said. “I’ve almost been working at LSU as a professional for a decade now, if you include the grad student years of teaching, twelve years. Being recognized by your employer isn’t the most common thing and LSU has a good program to do that, and I’m grateful for that.”

Cellucci is an LSU alumnus, having graduated from the school with an MFA degree in literary art, and being able to work at his alma mater is something that gives him pride.

“It feels like home, I’m a tiger and always will be,” Cellucci said, adding that he’s proud of the strong ties he’s made at the University. “It’s just given me a community that I don’t think I’ll ever not be a part of.”

Cellucci found out about his position at the University from a former colleague who told him about the position opening. He soon hit it off with the former director of the CXC program, Lillian Bridwell-Bowles, who recently retired. His favorite part of the job is how it is a gateway to continuous learning.

When asked how he became an artist, Cellucci responded,

“Art was definitely one of my favorite classes in parochial school,” Cellucci said. “I’ve had some great art teachers. I’ve always been into the literary arts in writing in poetry and fiction.”

When it comes to the CXC program at LSU, Vincent credits this program for enhancing his career.

“CXC afforded me the career where I got to combine visual arts with literary arts and writing, so that’s been a great pleasure”.

Anyone interested in the CXC program can contact Vincent Cellucci at vcellu1@lsu.edu or in his studio in room 104A of the design building