Local photographer Preston Salassi affords traveling the country at just 24 years old and has awe-inspiring photos to show for it.

Since 2015, Salassi has ventured to destinations across the East and West Coast, including California, New York and Arizona. Through photography, Salassi shares his experiences sightseeing and visiting historic monuments and landmarks. 

“Places like New York City, San Francisco and Grand Canyon National Park are some of my favorite places I’ve visited,” Salassi said.

The Baton Rouge native graduated with a fine arts degree from Baton Rouge Community College. To afford his travels, Salassi works full-time at Jolie Pearl Oyster Bar shucking oysters and puts every penny toward his next expedition, he said. Currently, Salassi is saving up for: England and France.

Salassi budgets carefully to fund his trips. Instead of eating out, he buys groceries and cooks at home. While most 20-somethings go out on weekends, Salassi keeps his money in his pockets.

“I am very OCD about trying to save my money,” Salassi said. “I usually take one big trip a year for a week and take smaller trips when the opportunity arises.”

Though he might miss out on escapades to Tigerland, taking trips to see the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island makes up for it.

Salassi’s love of photography developed when he began experimenting with different styles in college. Specifically, his work is a collection of urban and outdoor explorations.

Judging from his Instagram, Salassi clearly has a knack for architecture photography, specifically old buildings. He’s always been interested in historic landmarks, and photographing them is a way to show off their beauty, he said.

His shots of the Golden Gate Bridge have colorful, vibrant tones, which are also evident in his photo of the Arizona State Border.

“I’m interested in what men before me built and how they managed to do so in ancient times,” Salassi said.

Salassi hopes his artistic eye takes him far, he said. He aims to cover sports around the world, work for National Geographic or become a film director in the future.

“[I have] big dreams, but why limit yourself?” Salassi said.

You can find Salassi’s work on his Instagram @preston.salassi.

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