For some creatives, turning a hobby into a career path is impossible. For others, it’s only natural.

Diana Cordero, founder of, started her fashion blog in 2012, when she wanted her passion for clothing to be more than just an extracurricular.

It started as her personal style blog but soon turned into a journalism venture. Cordero said she was paying more attention to local industry events that she could get passes to cover.

In February 2015, she was part of the board of judges for the Baton Rouge Fashion Week model search, joined by other bloggers such as Elle Marie, Leslie Presnall and the 2014 BRFW model of the year recipient, Faith Laureles.

Since then, they have continued to feed their fashion habits throughout different events and shows.

Laureles is focusing on school as of now but said she hopes to return for BRFW 2016. She is signed with Oneofakind agency founded by Brandon Campbell, the founder and CEO of Little Rock Fashion Week and Baton Rouge Fashion Week.

The BRFW model of the year recipient said she loved the experience of being on the judging panel with the bloggers but was a bit nervous about being the youngest. That feeling faded as they made her feel right at home, she said.

“They were extremely sweet and easy to connect with,” Laureles said. “They are all strong fashion business women. I strive to be like them one day.”

Presnall is the founder of, the president of the Baton Rouge Fashion Council and is involved in the local fashion scene.

She started her blog in 2010 after interning for a fashion and beauty magazine in New York. Presnall said blogging has brought her many opportunities both locally and nationally to her brand.

The Southern Flair founder said that she had nothing but love for the ladies she worked with at BRFW.

“They are all so fabulous, talented and a lot of fun,” Presnall said. “We all have different styles, so it was great to see us all come together to collaborate.”

While collaborating, it can be hard to create diversity when one trend can be prominent.

“Sometimes, it would just be a coincidence that we were all wearing plaid if that was in style. I had to be conscious about what I was doing,” Cordero said.

This may be a more apparent concern as style tips for fall start to hit the blog pages. Cordero said a few trends that are making their way back to our shelves.

She said fringe is making a huge comeback this fall along with chunky heels, culotte pants and plaid in every color. The blogger also mentions a surprising trend — ponchos and blankets.

“A huge trend this year will be ponchos,” Cordero said. “Also covers, but the covers that look like they belong on the back of your couch but when you put it on, it actually looks pretty good.”

The Foster the Fashion creator said a piece of advice for people who want to follow in her footsteps is to follow your passion. Cordero said if a blogger puts enough passion into what they’re doing, he or she will have a great following.

“The power of the Internet should never be underestimated,” Cordero said.

While the blogging scene has been popularized, it is being modified. Presnall said the blogging world is changing, especially with social media.

“It’s hard to say what ‘blogging’ will look like five or 10 years down the road,” Presnall said. “Either way, I am excited to see what the future holds.”

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