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Just Wingin It aims to create a sports bar that makes people feel like they’re eating at a family restaurant.

Owner Kenny Carr is a man well-versed in the restaurant industry. He has been working with restaurants for 15 years and owns two other restaurants. However, the concept he envisioned for Just Wingin It was simple in execution.

“An upscale sports bar where the ladies didn’t feel like they were in a sports bar,” Carr said.

Though it resembles a sports bar, Just Wingin It has foods that are also inviting to families. In addition to the normal burgers, wings and beer, Just Wingin It also has wraps, salads, wine and cheese platters available for anyone not wanting to food from a sports bar.

Carr said his desire for Just Wingin It is to be a family restaurant. Not only do Carr’s wife and son work in the restaurant with him, but Carr also stresses the importance of his regulars and frequent customers. Carr believes this is important because he runs an individual restaurant, as opposed to some of the larger chains like McDonald’s and Buffalo Wild Wings. Therefore, regulars are more important to him than to a restaurant with 100 locations throughout the U.S.

“We try to personalize,” Carr said. “I try to talk to almost every single customer. And usually the owner does not do that … So we go talk to the table, make sure they’re all happy, get to know them, introduce ourselves and get to know them. If you have a personal connection, they have more reason to come back to you … everyone likes to go somewhere where they know somebody.”

One of the things Carr treasures most in the restaurant are the staff members, he said. He believes good help is hard to find, and when he finds good help, he wants to make sure that he keeps them.

“It’s hard to find good work ethic … It just is,” Carr said. So when you find a good one, a diamond in the rough, you take good care of ‘em. Make sure you give ‘em plenty of shifts or you give ‘em more money cause you wanna take care of ‘em.”

Carr wanted to make sure he covered all the bases when creating the menu — that’s why Just Wingin It serves burgers, wraps and salads along with wings. It also helps create the atmosphere Carr wishes to foster.

“I always wanted to have a sports bar, but I wanted to get the ladies to wanna come in,” Carr said. “If you go to a Buffalo Wild Wings or a Pluckers, it’s a pure sports bar. There’s a lot of ladies who feel like that’s not nice enough. So here, it’s a sports bar, but we also have food that the women like … we have things that are more female friendly.”

Just Wingin It also has multiple deals throughout the week. Monday is 50 cent wing night. Tuesday is $1 chicken tender night. Wednesday wraps are $8, and Thursday burgers are $7. And all of these deals come with a side of fries.

Just Wingin It is located at 18181 Old Jefferson Hwy. It’s open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, and from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Friday and Saturday.

Just Wingin It truly exemplifies its motto, “We’re Just Wingin It so you don’t have to” by creating a family-themed restaurant that welcomes all.

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