Child Porn Arrest

A 21-year-old former University student was sentenced to 12 years in federal prison after being convicted of transportation of child pornography.

Andrew Easterly will also be required to serve 10 years on supervised release after his release from prison and register as a convicted sex offender, according to United States Attorney Brandon Fremin.

In a press release, Fremin said the majority of the child pornography was produced by Easterly in his college dorm or at his parents’ home.

Following an off-campus investigation by the state Office of the Attorney General, Easterly was arrested Oct. 29, 2015 on several charges related to child pornography, including filming juveniles in the Herget Hall communal showers.

According to an LSUPD officer incident statement, two juvenile girls identified in photos found on devices belonging to Easterly told officers they met Easterly at a party.

The girls, who are not LSU students, told officers they “concocted a story to fool their parents” and agreed to go with Easterly to the LSU vs. Auburn football game on Sept. 19, where he made advances on both and “inappropriate statements about one of their butts.”

After spending about an hour drinking whiskey provided by Easterly, the three left Easterly’s dorm room in Herget Hall to attend an off-campus party, according to the report.

Officers reviewed surveillance footage from Herget Hall on the night of the incident and confirmed the two girls arrived with Easterly, left soon after and came back later that night, the statement said.

When they came back to his dorm, both girls decided to take a shower before going to bed.

“They advised that during the time they were showering, neither were aware that they were being photographed during their shower,” the report states.

Officers also “captured a very brief image” of Easterly walking from the showers back to his room behind one of the victims.

The full forensic recovery report on Oct. 22, 2015 found 23 different photographs of child pornography on Easterly’s external hard drive.

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