1/16/17 Cinemark Perkins Rowe

The Daily Reveille ranked Cinemark Perkins Rowe among other local movie theaters in the Baton Rouge Area based on their differences in price and movie offerings.

Thanksgiving is a time to appreciate and celebrate the year’s trials and successes, and spend time with friends and family. Thanksgiving traditions vary from family to family — some cook and eat together, some take vacations and some go to the movies. Here are top five movies you and your loved ones can enjoy seeing this Turkey Day.

Thor: Ragnarok

The third installment to the Marvel superhero series has been out for a few weeks, but many theaters still offer showtimes throughout the day, every day. This time, we see avenger Thor in a battle for the galaxy — he may even end up working alongside his brother Loki. The two have traditionally fought against each other, but this time it might be different.  


The screen adaptation of the 2012 novel by the same name stars Jacob Tremblay, of 2015’s “Room,” as a young boy who’s undergone various surgeries in order to see, hear and breathe. However, it's left him with facial deformities,  and he faces middle school for the first time. Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson play his parents in this heart-warming lesson about kindness.

Justice League

Throughout a series of events, including the death of Superman, the world is corrupt and threatened by an outside force, which brings the League together. The collaboration from DC Comics stars Batman and Wonder Woman and the addition of The Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman make for an entertaining, action-packed movie from start to finish.

A Bad Moms Christmas

Grab your sisters, moms and girlfriends and head to the theater for a laugh. The comedy hit from last year reboots as a Christmas movie, but this time the moms are faced with their own mothers. The plot isn’t as strong as the original film, but the laughs aren’t in short supply. Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn reprise their roles, and Susan Sarandon, Christine Baranski and Cheryl Hines enter as the grandmothers who rock and roll their way through Christmas. This female-oriented comedy is perfect for a Thanksgiving outing.


Disney’s latest animated feature "Coco" focuses on a Hispanic character and his dog. They run through a laundry list of shenanigans as this fun-filled saga moves from beginning to end. It comes out on Nov. 22, just in time to be a family favorite on Thanksgiving this year. 

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