LSU vs Tulsa

LSU senior utility player Elyse Thornhill (9) prepares to bat during the Lady Tigers' 19-1 victory over Tulsa, Thursday, Feb. 7, 2019, in Tiger Park.

LSU softball continued their mercy rule winning streak defeating Iowa and Bucknell in day three of the Tiger Classic.

The Tigers defeated Iowa 16-1 in the first game of the day.

LSU defense came out to play just like the past few games with a quick top of the inning and no points given up.

The bottom of the first gave LSU the lead. Infielder Amanda Doyle got the first hit, advancing her to first as Andrews went to third. Iowa then gave up a throwing error allowing Andrews to run home making the score 1-0 in favor of LSU.

The second inning was similar to the first for Iowa as the LSU defense continued to dominate leaving Iowa scoreless. However, the bottom of the inning was more eventful for the Tigers. Infielder Amber Serrett got a single, which was followed up by catcher Morgan Cummins doing the same.

After a walk for outfielder Aliyah Andrews, outfielder Taryn Antoine stepped up to the bat with bases loaded. Antoine slammed a triple to bring LSU’s score up by three. Doyle followed with a double to bring Antoine home.

These hits caused Iowa to change pitchers mid-inning. Infielder Amanda Sanchez took the plate and pushed a double into left field to gain another run. The inning ended with a pop up deep into center field. The took the lead with a score of 6-0.

In the top of the third Iowa offense started to pick up the pace gaining their first point with a single up the middle and a fly out to infield. Outfielder Karrington Houshmandzadeh started off the bottom of the third with a fielding error allowing her to make it to second base. Serrett was then hit by a pitch putting her on first causing Iowa to change pitchers again.

The inning continued to gain momentum as Cummins hit a single to bring in Houshmandzadeh and Serrett. Andrews then singled to bring in Cummins. Iowa gave up two walks to have runners on base so Sanchez could bring them home on a single to right center.

But the inning didn’t end there. Freshman designated player Jordyn Perkins got her first homerun as an LSU Tiger soon after infielder Taylor Tidwell got an RBI. This left LSU with a 15-1 lead after the third inning.

The fourth inning wasn’t as kind to Iowa as LSU defense shut them out in three up, three down.

The bottom was also slower for LSU as they only gained one run off of a single by designated player Sydney Bourg to pull an RBI. The Tigers pulled the fourth mercy rule in a row as pitcher Maribeth Gorsuch got her first strikeout of the night to take down Iowa 16-1.

As Bucknell took the plate to face LSU, the Tigers never slowed down getting another three outs, but this time in three strikeouts with pitcher Ali Kilopen’s debut as a Tiger.

The bottom of the first of the day that left the Tigers scoreless as well. A similar second inning continued to leave both teams scoreless.

“I was relieved after the first inning,” Kilopen said. “I was completely comfortable because I knew I had my team behind me. I have no doubt that my team will score runs and help me throughout the game. I’ve worked really hard so I knew i just had to go in there and do what I’ve been doing.”

The third inning was equally as slow, but LSU managed to pick up a run after a single by Sunseri and a throwing error for Bucknell. The fourth inning was the same for Bucknell, but an improved game for LSU.

A double by outfielder Elyse Thornhill pulled two RBIs, a single from Sanchez pulled another but a deep hit by Serrett with bases loaded left everyone confused as the wall went missing under the fence. Ultimately the deep hit pulled in two RBIs and left two runners on base. LSU ended the fourth with a 10-0 lead.

“We really tried to controlling on what we control after [Bucknell’s pitcher] was quick pitching us at the beginning,” Thornhill said. “I was just finding something on my side of the plate and going after it.

The Tigers ended the game with a three up, three down making the game their fifth mercy rule win.

“They did a good job,” head coach Beth Torina said. “I think a little more pressure in this game, a couple close inning there until they were able to break it open. They did a good job in every situation they were faced with.”

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