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With just “The Bare Necessities” of a camera and season tickets, content creator Paris Kain introduces us to “A Whole New World” with her Disney-themed Instagram page.

Kain is a Disney-inspired content creator who posts her work on her Instagram page, @perksofaparkhopprincess. She started her Instagram page to share her love of Disney and fashion as well as her experiences and recommendations around the park.

“I was looking for a creative outlet to show off my love of Disney and fashion and the two worked together surprisingly well,” Kain said. “I found that there was an entire community of people who were just as passionate about Disney as I was and really found my tribe.”

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Kain’s love for Disney started at a young age. Kain vividly recalls her father surprising her with a two-week vacation to Disney World. She said she felt like a princess being suddenly swept off her feet. She resonated with Disney’s grand tales of ordinary characters overcoming adversity.

“There’s a lot of hope and perseverance within Disney’s stories,” Kain said. “Many of the characters have had to overcome a lot to find their happily ever after, and there’s a strength in that. Disney always pushes me to keep dreaming. Disney is so much more than a movie or a place — it’s a feeling to me.”

Kain goes to Disney about six or seven times a year to check out the new rides, characters and lands. She also uses these trips to get content for her page. For Kain, these trips are a great way to meet and get to know other Disney content creators. It’s never hard for her to obtain new and fresh content in the ever-growing, ever-changing Disney World, she said.

“The parks are just so incredibly detailed, it blows me away,” Kain said. “Every time I visit I am looking around and discovering some area I’ve never seen before. It’s no wonder why Disney World is one of the most Instagrammable places. The theming is so well done it literally transports you to another place or time.”

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Not everyone accepts Kain and other Disney content creator’s passions with open arms, she said. She and others like her have felt a lot of judgement from others, but she doesn’t let them dull her sparkle.

“I’ve been met with so many condescending tones from many people when I talk about Disney and how involved I am with it. It’s treated like a joke,” Kain said. “I’ve had people scoff at me like I’m too old to be a dreamer. I don’t have time for people who want to stomp out my pixie dust.”

Kain has a passion for expressing who you are through fashion and not caring what others say. With a passion like Kain’s and the ability to “Go the Distance,” there’s no telling how far she’ll go.

“I’m a believer in peace signs and rocking what you love. You’ll see a lot of that in my feed,” Kain said. “I want to be as authentic and relatable as I can be and keep my passion thriving.”

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