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(BATON ROUGE, LA) - As lawmakers continue to struggle with a budget deficit that seemingly can't be tamed without impacting state programs and services, Thursday, letters will go out to 37,000 elderly and disabled citizens alerting them that their Medicaid benefits will be eliminated after July first. That's if lawmakers are unable to find a new source of revenue.

Jeremy Alford with LaPolitics has been in the trenches at the capitol in Baton Rouge and he says the budget that the House of Representatives put forth will probably look different before all is said and done.

"There aren't a whole lot of folks who were pleased with that budget as it exited the House. Some senators are hopeful that a budget could be passed by the end of the week, but between then and now, there are going to have to be some serious alterations to that budget," Alford said.

Lawmakers still have a lot of work to do on nine issues, including gaming.

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