4.21.18 Football Spring Game

LSU coach Ed Orgeron signs autographs for fans after the purple team’s 28-27 victory against the gold team during the Spring Game on Saturday, April 21, 2018.

In honor of the one-year anniversary of former LSU quarterback Danny Etling's strong argument on behalf of the holiday — which can be read here —it's time to take the dive into LSU's Thanksgiving.

This year's team is getting together on Wednesday for a dinner. LSU coach Ed Orgeron did not divulge the menu, but he said he let the players pick the menu.

Come Thursday the players will meet at 7 a.m. and practice until 10:30 a.m., and after that, all bets are off. Some players will head home, out-of-state players may head to a teammate's house, and others will have the great pleasure of eating "good oyster dressing" made by Orgeron's mom, Coco, at his house.

Junior quarterback Joe Burrow, who is from Ohio and spending Thanksgiving away from home for the first time, doesn't have any plans yet for Thanksgiving and said he may end up at Orgeron's, but Burrow is unsure of the oyster dressing.

For those like Burrow who don't know what oyster dressing is, here's a quick breakdown from my dad: "Awesome, one of my favorites. It's very expensive. A lot of work if you shuck your own oysters — a lot of work — but one of my favorite holiday dishes. It has holy trinity (chopped onion, bell peppers, celery), french bread, raw oysters, garlic, salt, pepper, cayenne, olive oil, Italian bread crumbs."

The ingredients are then all put together in a pan and baked just like any other dressing one eats at Thanksgiving. But before Burrow gets to oyster dressing, he has some food his family made during their stay in Baton Rouge to celebrate Thanksgiving this past weekend. 

"I'm not a turkey guy — never been a turkey guy," Burrow said. "More of a Thanksgiving honey ham kind of guy. I got a whole honey ham in the fridge right now that I'll be eating throughout the week."

For senior tight end Foster Moreau and sophomore center Lloyd Cushenberry, things are little bit different. Moreau is from New Orleans and Cushenberry lives just outside of Baton Rouge, and both will be heading home on Thursday.

Cushenberry is ready for his mom's special macaroni dish, and Moreau looks forward to his mom's crab dip — the same answer he gave last year.

"It's something I look forward to every year," Moreau said. "She does it for Thanksgiving and Christmas."

Moreau also elaborated on his former roommate Etling and his belief on Thanksgiving: "I think he says [Thanksgiving is underrated] because Danny's a very musically inclined person. He likes all holiday music — he likes Halloween music, he likes Christmas music, and there's certain Fourth of July music that goes along with the summer attitude. There's really no Thanksgiving songs except for the Adam Sandler Thanksgiving song if any of you are familiar with that.

"It is an underrated holiday that people tend to miss the whole thanks-giving and who you're thankful for and why you go and see your family for Thanksgiving. I feel like people miss that sometimes."

Burrow, on the other hand, was the contrarian to his predecessor and Moreau.

"I think Thanksgiving overshadows Christmas sometimes because everybody eats so much that they're just kind of down for the count until Dec. 25 and you wake up and it's Christmas," Burrow said. "You might have forgot to get your gifts because you've eaten so much — I don't know."

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