With a growing interior design industry, future students will be looking for a school that offers them many opportunities to travel and learn from top designers.

LSU's own Kelsey Ralph is doing all this and more, while still getting the SEC school experience.

Kelsey says, “[she] was looking at other schools that maybe were more reputable as an art program such as S.C.A.D. or something, but [she] really wanted a great college experience...so [she] was excited to pickLSU since it’s [also] really close to [her] [hometown] Houston."

The College of Art and Design has an impressive list of alumni, including Amanda Connolly who is currently a design producer on HGTV's “Hometown” which aired in January of 2017.

Kelsey’s mentor and professor John Campbell believes interior design as entertainment is definitely a good thing.

Campbell says, “The more exposure interior design gets, the more likely people are going to come to appreciate it.”

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